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I’m new to blogging and I am not good at it. Why do it then?

Well, I feel it is an important online tool. My goal is to share with people my love of quilting. I’m not going to do that sitting in my sewing room or living room in rural America.

I need to reach out and share what I am doing.

You need to make time for the important things. This includes taking time for something you enjoy. For me it is quilting. I could spend 30 minutes “surfing the web” and have little to show for it.

I could also take those 30 minutes and work on a quilt block or write a blog entry about quilting and then I would have something to show for my time.

I am choosing to actually do something, because I want to have something to show for the few hours each day I have.

I hope you take time to do something you enjoy today and to thank Him who allows you to do it.

Happy Quilting



I am a quilter, not a writer


Okay, so I admit it, English was my least favorite subject in school. I do not like writing. So why do a blog? Well, I really would like a record of what I have been doing. And I believe in sharing. It seems like the more you give, the more you get. There are so many online resources that have really helped and encouraged me, so I should give back a little.

I have been quilting, in fact I have been quilting more than I have in years. I am very busy lately.  I have been working on dd #3 quilt, I started a baby quilt for dd # 1, I have made a bag or two, finished several of my upcycled bags for market, and took a class on circles with Sheila Wintle.

I little bit about the class. It was great, but I was dreading the class. As soon as I was handed the supply list, I said to myself  ” I want to drop out of the class.” Unfortunately, I was committed. What scared me about the supply list?

60 assorted scraps, they must be able to accommodate a 9″ template.  These are not scraps!!! And 60 of them, was she out of her mind? Well I loaded up every hand dyed fabric I ever made and headed to class. It turns out that we only used 12 of them. I hate it when teachers do this. I know she wanted to make some color suggestions and stuff like that, but this was not a color class and the list was not practical.

Other than that, I learned a lot in the class and was very happy with the results.

Unfinished Circle Quilt

As long as I am on pet peeves… I have another one for you.

I just made a sun hat. I love how it turned out, but the pattern called for 1 and 1/8 yards of fabric. Guess how much I used… 1/2 yard. Yup. As a hopeful future designer I know that designers often are generous in their fabric recommendations, but is this a bit much? Especially when yardage is over $10.00/ yard.

Meg modeling my new hat.

Okay, I’ve done enough complaining.

Happy Quilting


Edie’s Quilt


Here it is world. I have promised each of my girls a “hand quilted quilt” by the time they graduated highschool. Well I am a bit behind schedule, but Edie’s top is done. I still have all the hand quilting to do so it will probably be another year before it is really done, but this is a step in the right direction.




These pictures are really bad, but you get an idea of the quilt here. It is all my own design and was really fun to make. It was supposed to be a stash buster, but if you are a quilter you know how that works. 🙂


Labels and Great Products


I began quilting 24 years ago, but I haven’t quilted for 24 years. There have been some gaps in there when family and work and stuff have got in the way. My latest vacation from quilting lasted about 7 years. Sure, I have done a few sewing things here and there, but to seriously consider myself quilting I began again this last fall.

Yesterday I wanted to finish up my 2 latest projects. The “Christmas Charm Quilt” and “Hearty” needed labels to be DONE.  I pulled out my old label book, Create Your Own Quilt Labels! by Kim Churbuck and got to work. This is how I make a quilt label.

1. I choose a design that I think will compliment my quilt.

2. Copy the design with my scanner. I increased the size 150%.

3. Cut a square of white muslin 6″ square.

4. Tape the copy of the design to a window or light table. Actually I use my clear sewing table and put a lamp under it without the shade, but this could be dangerous if left unattended so if you do so, do it with care.

5. I tape the muslin to the design so that I can see it through the fabric.

6. I take out my Sakura Micron Pigma Pens and trace the design. These are the BEST pens in the world. I have a few sets of them. They come in many colors and many tips. I haven’t used mine in 7 years and when I opened the cap and used them, (expecting them to be dried out) they worked like they were brand new! I was shocked and impressed.

7. Once I have the main elements I want traced. I have fun coloring it in and adding special touches.

8. For lettering I print out what I want to write on the label and trace it the same way. This can take a couple of tries to get the right size font.

9. Trim the patch and sew it to the back of your quilt.

Ta da!!  You are finished.

Current Work


Flash back to 1999, those of us in the quilt world were facinated with charm quilts and charm block exchanges. The goal was to make a quilt with 2000 pieces by the year 2000.

Well some of the quilters out there were successful, but I having 4 children under the age of 8 was happy just to participate in a charm exchange, I had no real intention of  making a 2000 piece quilt.  So my quilt buddies and I exchanged a whole bunch of Christmas fabrics with one signature square. I don’t even remember how many we swapped, but my pile sat there for some time. (We all know this feeling.)

Flash forward… It has been 11 years now and I have finally drafted a pattern, exectued it and am now working on the finishing touches. It is not a true charm quilt because there are duplicate fabrics within the quilt, but I am very happy with the results.

Christmas Quilt

Christmas Quilt

In my attempts to reduce my stash and finish up projects, I pieced the back of the quilt. Now I love to quilt, but that doesn’t mean that I do not have my share of frustrating moments. This piecing of the backing was VERY frustrating to me. Maybe I will talk about that another day.

Yesterdays post was inspired by my second attempt to machine quilt this top. My first attempt was to stipple quilt it, but I am very out of practice and it just wasn’t looking good. I figure if you are going to spend that much time on the top, you shouldn’t just ruin it with bad quilting.

More on this later……