I’m new to blogging and I am not good at it. Why do it then?

Well, I feel it is an important online tool. My goal is to share with people my love of quilting. I’m not going to do that sitting in my sewing room or living room in rural America.

I need to reach out and share what I am doing.

You need to make time for the important things. This includes taking time for something you enjoy. For me it is quilting. I could spend 30 minutes “surfing the web” and have little to show for it.

I could also take those 30 minutes and work on a quilt block or write a blog entry about quilting and then I would have something to show for my time.

I am choosing to actually do something, because I want to have something to show for the few hours each day I have.

I hope you take time to do something you enjoy today and to thank Him who allows you to do it.

Happy Quilting



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