I am a quilter, not a writer


Okay, so I admit it, English was my least favorite subject in school. I do not like writing. So why do a blog? Well, I really would like a record of what I have been doing. And I believe in sharing. It seems like the more you give, the more you get. There are so many online resources that have really helped and encouraged me, so I should give back a little.

I have been quilting, in fact I have been quilting more than I have in years. I am very busy lately.  I have been working on dd #3 quilt, I started a baby quilt for dd # 1, I have made a bag or two, finished several of my upcycled bags for market, and took a class on circles with Sheila Wintle.

I little bit about the class. It was great, but I was dreading the class. As soon as I was handed the supply list, I said to myself  ” I want to drop out of the class.” Unfortunately, I was committed. What scared me about the supply list?

60 assorted scraps, they must be able to accommodate a 9″ template.  These are not scraps!!! And 60 of them, was she out of her mind? Well I loaded up every hand dyed fabric I ever made and headed to class. It turns out that we only used 12 of them. I hate it when teachers do this. I know she wanted to make some color suggestions and stuff like that, but this was not a color class and the list was not practical.

Other than that, I learned a lot in the class and was very happy with the results.

Unfinished Circle Quilt

As long as I am on pet peeves… I have another one for you.

I just made a sun hat. I love how it turned out, but the pattern called for 1 and 1/8 yards of fabric. Guess how much I used… 1/2 yard. Yup. As a hopeful future designer I know that designers often are generous in their fabric recommendations, but is this a bit much? Especially when yardage is over $10.00/ yard.

Meg modeling my new hat.

Okay, I’ve done enough complaining.

Happy Quilting



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