Labels and Great Products


I began quilting 24 years ago, but I haven’t quilted for 24 years. There have been some gaps in there when family and work and stuff have got in the way. My latest vacation from quilting lasted about 7 years. Sure, I have done a few sewing things here and there, but to seriously consider myself quilting I began again this last fall.

Yesterday I wanted to finish up my 2 latest projects. The “Christmas Charm Quilt” and “Hearty” needed labels to be DONE.  I pulled out my old label book, Create Your Own Quilt Labels! by Kim Churbuck and got to work. This is how I make a quilt label.

1. I choose a design that I think will compliment my quilt.

2. Copy the design with my scanner. I increased the size 150%.

3. Cut a square of white muslin 6″ square.

4. Tape the copy of the design to a window or light table. Actually I use my clear sewing table and put a lamp under it without the shade, but this could be dangerous if left unattended so if you do so, do it with care.

5. I tape the muslin to the design so that I can see it through the fabric.

6. I take out my Sakura Micron Pigma Pens and trace the design. These are the BEST pens in the world. I have a few sets of them. They come in many colors and many tips. I haven’t used mine in 7 years and when I opened the cap and used them, (expecting them to be dried out) they worked like they were brand new! I was shocked and impressed.

7. Once I have the main elements I want traced. I have fun coloring it in and adding special touches.

8. For lettering I print out what I want to write on the label and trace it the same way. This can take a couple of tries to get the right size font.

9. Trim the patch and sew it to the back of your quilt.

Ta da!!  You are finished.


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