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Flash back to 1999, those of us in the quilt world were facinated with charm quilts and charm block exchanges. The goal was to make a quilt with 2000 pieces by the year 2000.

Well some of the quilters out there were successful, but I having 4 children under the age of 8 was happy just to participate in a charm exchange, I had no real intention of  making a 2000 piece quilt.  So my quilt buddies and I exchanged a whole bunch of Christmas fabrics with one signature square. I don’t even remember how many we swapped, but my pile sat there for some time. (We all know this feeling.)

Flash forward… It has been 11 years now and I have finally drafted a pattern, exectued it and am now working on the finishing touches. It is not a true charm quilt because there are duplicate fabrics within the quilt, but I am very happy with the results.

Christmas Quilt

Christmas Quilt

In my attempts to reduce my stash and finish up projects, I pieced the back of the quilt. Now I love to quilt, but that doesn’t mean that I do not have my share of frustrating moments. This piecing of the backing was VERY frustrating to me. Maybe I will talk about that another day.

Yesterdays post was inspired by my second attempt to machine quilt this top. My first attempt was to stipple quilt it, but I am very out of practice and it just wasn’t looking good. I figure if you are going to spend that much time on the top, you shouldn’t just ruin it with bad quilting.

More on this later……


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